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What's the Texas connection?

With a name like TEXAS-TEXAS, it is easy to guess that our roots are firmly planted in Texas. Although we recognize there are many good salsas and sauces around the United States, we like to make products that are traditional to our Lone Star State. That is why our salsas are blended with popular and unique Texas ingredients. For example, the predominant pepper we use is the official Texas pepper, the jalapeņo. We use the pecan, which is the official state nut, in our one-of-kind Peach Pecan Salsa. Our Perfect Hot and Habanero Heaven salsas contain a small amount of habanero peppers. Texas is considered one of the few modern producers of habanero crops. One last thing about Texas which is no secret is the fact we are recognized as one of the four best known places in the U.S. for barbeque. So, we could not be in business without having an award-winning Bar-B-Que sauce and a unique award-winning Premium Steak Sauce.

If you do not add water or fillers to your product, what is the liquid in the salsa?

The liquid found in each jar is the natural juice found in our quality tomatoes. We believe added water lessens the quality of the product by diluting the flavor. In addition, we do not believe you should have to pay for water when all you want is salsa.

Do your products contain any gluten?

No. We use only gluten-free ingredients.

What is the difference between salsa, picante sauce and pico de gallo?

The word "salsa" is the Spanish word for sauce. The primary difference between the three sauces listed above is the texture. Picante sauce is similar to a pureed sauce and is rather smooth. Salsa is semi-chunky in texture. Pico de gallo has uniformly chopped tomatoes and traditionally contains a greater percentage of peppers than salsa or picante sauce.

If my store does not carry TEXAS-TEXAS Premium Salsa, how can I get it?

Order from our on-line store or call 1-800-443-1355 and it can be shipped to you. In addition, it helps if you ask your store grocery manager to carry our products.

What is your privacy policy?

We don't collect any information about visitors to the site, except the information required to fill orders and respond to inquiries. That information is strictly confidential within our company. We will not share it with anyone else. See our Privacy Policy page for more information.

Is my credit card information secure when I order?

Yes. We use SSL (secure socket layer) encryption to assure that your credit card information reaches us, and only us. This is industry-standard encryption that major web sites use to protect users all over the web.