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My parents have always had a knack for making award winning food. Not just any food – We're talking authentic Texas cuisine. They've won awards for chili, wild game, beans, pecan pie and more. So when my father, Eddie, decided to get into the salsa business, it seemed a curious choice but not a totally crazy idea (salsa is the official state snack of Texas, afterall). Here's our story...

Today, Austin, TX, is widely recognized as the hot sauce capitol of America, but my father caught hot sauce fever when he moved to Austin in the mid 90s. At that time, the salsa market was flooded with products predicated on an overabundance of heat, gimmicky names like “Hotter than Hell…” and goofy labels. My father saw an opportunity to get serious about premium ingredients and authentic Texas character, and, together, we developed our Texas-Texas brand of premium salsas in 1997. We were going to compete with the other guys, but we were going to win you over with flavor, not kill you with heat.

I vividly remember the day my father brought the first pallet of salsa home in the back of his pickup truck. It was the ultimate leap of faith. We started out selling to boutique gift shops and small mom and pop stores… but it didn't take a math wiz to realize it was going to take a long, long time to sell through the first 112 cases, taking that approach.

Fortunately, my father hadn’t forgotten how to win a contest. When he entered and won first place as “People’s Choice” in the 1997 Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival, it validated my father’s vision and set our small family business on a new trajectory. With our credibility firmly established, Texas-Texas salsas soon landed on HEB and Whole Foods shelves.

We’ve added an array of deliciously creative salsas and BBQ sauces and won many more awards over the years but we’ve never forgotten the blood, sweat and Texas-sized tears it took to make those first deliveries out of the back of my father's truck. We’ve built a devoted regional following and are working tirelessly to introduce Texas-Texas products to mainstream and natural grocery retailers in more and more states. Now a second generation family business, we remain driven by my father’s vision and values.

We may have outgrown the personal delivery business long ago but we still sample every batch. Why you ask? We do it for the same reason every chef, friend, or loved one tastes food when preparing if for others – We believe you deserve only the very best we can make.