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Homestyle Perfect Hot Salsa
Our Price: $15.00

Our Perfect Hot Salsa was created to be just that…perfect hot. It is hot, yet still has that "gotta eat it out of the jar with a spoon" flavor.
Homestyle Medium Salsa
Our Price: $15.00

Our first salsa that became a classic among seasoned salsa lovers. Taste for yourself why its chunky style with a distinctive fresh flavor created a regional following.
Homestyle Mild Salsa
Our Price: $15.00

Full, fresh salsa flavor with just a pinch of heat.
Roasted Restaurant Style Medium Salsa
Our Price: $15.00

This distinctively different salsa that's bold in flavor is already getting serious attention. The unique flavors are derived from roasted Serrano & Poblano peppers and roasted garlic. It's blended to the same smooth texture as our Restaurant Style, so it's got to be good!
Restaurant Style Medium Salsa
Our Price: $15.00

Our #1 selling salsa. It's got the perfect smooth texture that's indicative of salsa made in Mexican restaurants. Perhaps it's even better because it still has a remarkable thick consistency since we don't add water. Based on our original premium salsa, it's got the same great flavor, but doesn't have a chunky texture.
Ghost Pepper Rage Salsa, XXX Hot
Our Price: $15.00

Don't let the name fool you. It's got the kick that chili heads crave, but you still get flavor. We added some peaches, garlic and cilantro to knock your boots off with a flavorful and addictive sweet heat that's all the rage!
Roasted Garlic Salsa
Our Price: $15.00

A rich flavor that can only be described as WOW. Just the right balance of Chipotle (smoke-dried jalepeno) and roasted garlic combined with Fresh Roma tomatoes gives this salsa a mouth watering depth of flavor. All premium ingredients are blended smooth for that perfect restaurant style consistency. A taste that's big & bold!
Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Our Price: $16.00

Flame roasted corn and homestyle black beans come together to make this hearty salsa. Try this salsa as an appetizer at your next cookout.
Roasted Addiction Salsa
Our Price: $16.00

Potentially our best salsa ever! Similar to authentic Mexican salsa that's made Asado style (roasted) with a molcajete & tejolote (crush & grind). The unmistakably rich flavor comes from roasting Fresh Roma tomatoes, Fresh onions, and Fresh Jalapenos. Roasted to perfection so you get a smooth roasted flavor without the charred taste.
Good To The Bone BBQ & Grilling Sauce (Discontinued)
Our Price: $16.00

A sauce with a smooth and tangy flavor — perfect for all your BBQ and grilling. To create a BBQ sauce in Texas, it has to good. That is why it took the Sanderson Family over a year to develop this sauce. We think it was worth the wait — the result was the best tasting BBQ sauce you'll ever try